Real Self-Defence Why Settle For Less Than The Truth

Real self-defense \”Why settle for less than the truth?\”

You are about to discover the truth, sometimes it hurts.

Most of the information you\’ve heard or read about self-defense for men and women is simply rubbish. Ninety-nine percent of DVDs teach techniques that in/ will never work in real life. Worse, many martial arts schools will only give you false security. The truth hurts.

It is true. And it\’s a shame that so many untrained, clueless, poorly-trained men and women walk around believing they have a chance in a street attack, blood and snot, or sexual assault. I could list the numbers of these attacks, but I won\’t. They are truly frightening, I can assure you.

While many of these techniques can be used in the gym/dojo, ask yourself if you would be able defend yourself if necessary. It is not a good idea to choose a gym/dojo that offers street defense. You can get fit and do other things while learning a martial arts. If you are looking to learn how to do real attacks under pressure, then take your time.

Most attacks, but not all, were preceded by verbal assault, also known as an interview or verbal interchange. Talking to the aggressor can prevent most attacks from becoming physical. If the aggressor continues with his physical assault, your mind and body will be on high alert to provide the best physical defense. This is only one example of many that are not covered in martial arts schools, along with adrenaline dump and other things. This is a topic for another time. There are techniques that can be learned quickly and easily by anyone, regardless of their athletic ability, as well as those that don\’t require years of training. Although it is helpful to be strong and quick, you don\’t need to be. All you need to know is how to defend yourself.

Let me end by telling you a story that I hope will help you get a sense of my origins.

One time there was a famous Okinawa/Japan karate master who spent his entire life learning the art. He had dedicated his entire life to the art, but he never had the chance to practice it in real life against an attacker who wanted to do him harm. He was not the type of person to pick a fight to prove his skill. He had to wait until the right moment came along. He wished that someone would attack and hurt him, so that he could prove his worth and show that his style of karate is powerful outside the confines of the dojo.

He worked hard, but his obsession only grew until he was on a commuter train. One day, a drunken, aggressive, and angry man boarded the train, and began to abuse other passengers. He thought, \”This is my chance to prove my art.\” As he walked along the carriage, he began swearing at everyone in the vicinity, making the passengers fear for their safety.

The drunken man approached the karate guy and prepared for the assault. But before he could get up, the passenger in front of he stood up and engaged him jovially. You look like a man who has problems, Hey man! Come and sit down with us, there\’s no need for you to be abusive. There is no one on this train who wants to fight with your.

As the drunken man fought back, the karate man was amazed at how the passenger managed to calm him down. The drunk began to pour his heart out to the driver within minutes. The shocked karate man thought, \”That\’s karate (real defense).\” He then realized that the comforting arm of the drunken passenger was actually demonstrating karate and all other martial arts in their highest form: fighting without fighting. This story teaches us that jaw, jaw is better then war, war and that avoidance is always more effective than confrontation in which no one wins. I think you\’ll agree with me.