Making Intermittent Activity a New Healthy Habit

Many people have heard about intermittent fasting. It is also known that too much sitting can lead to injury. Recent research has shown the benefits of intermittent movement, which I call short, frequent bouts of movement. This topic is covered in depth in my book Today by/bitrix/redirect.php?event1&event2&event3&”>Is Still the Day. You can set a timer that goes off every 30 to 40 minutes, and then engage in some activity or movement.

Although the study was limited to 5 minute walks, it could be used for any movement or activity you choose. You can do short walks or stretches depending on where you are.

Sitting for prolonged periods of time can have a negative impact on your health. Even if you are a regular walker, sitting for extended periods of time is just as harmful to your health. This is what an expert calls \”actively sedentary.\” She describes it as \”… a new group of people who are fit for an hour, but then sit around the rest of their day.\” It\’s impossible to replace 10 hours of sitting still with just one hour of exercise.

These intermittent, short, but frequent activity breaks are important because if people sit for more than 3 hours without moving, it can negatively impact the ability of their leg arteries to expand or dilate in response to blood flow. This could be a sign of heart disease. The function of the legs\’ arteries is not affected if people take 5-minute breaks every hour after sitting for 3 hours.

It is recommended that you move at least one minute and 45 seconds for every 30 minutes of sitting. It doesn\’t matter what you do. These suggestions are a great place to start. You can work while standing or even standing on a treadmill.

You may be able to incorporate more activity breaks into your workday if you work remotely. Every bathroom break can be turned into an activity break if you work in an office. Another activity is to walk to your colleague\’s desk instead of texting or emailing. Another great way to increase your activity is to go for a walk outside during lunch breaks.

Although you might not be able afford a treadmill or standing desk, there are simple ways you can increase your exercise level. You can engage your core muscles by sitting down on a balance ball or disc for a few hours during your workday, as I discuss in my book Today is Still the Day.

It is easy and painless to make these intermittent activity breaks part of your daily routine. This will help you protect your circulation and improve your heart health.

Are you able to get up every day and move in a deliberate manner throughout the day?