Is CrossFit The Only Workout I Need?

CrossFit may be the best exercise program for 2019. As 2019 approaches, I decided it was time to make a decision about whether I would change my workout routine or keep doing what I have been doing in 2018. CrossFit may be the best exercise program for 2019, and I\’m sure that the most innovative and effective programs are always available around this time. I want to explore why CrossFit might be the best workout and why it may even be your only choice.

Let\’s get to the science of a good exercise program.
You are likely aware that muscle cells and all cells require oxygen in order to survive. The cell releases toxins and waste as oxygen enters it. Muscle contraction is what allows the waste to be released. Cell transport can be impeded by muscle contractions. You may even find toxins in the cells. This can lead to a loss of flexibility and ill health. Let\’s be clear, exercise can help you improve your body to the cellular level.

Aerobic exercise is a constant intake of oxygen. Anaerobic exercise requires a short burst of oxygen. Anaerobic exercise will require short bursts or little oxygen. Aerobic exercise can be described as long distance running, swimming or biking, and even walking. These types of exercise require oxygen to fuel the activity. Anaerobic exercise is a short burst of activity that involves a high level muscle contraction and no steady intake of oxygen. Anaerobic exercise is similar to weightlifting and sprinting.

What should a workout routine include?
Regular exercise should include strength, flexibility, aerobic, and anaerobic training. You may be thinking, \”Don\’t you have strength exercise covered by lifting or running?\” Is flexibility training not just regular stretching? However, your strength training should include explosive and holding strength as well as endurance strength. Flexibility training is movement in all planes of the body, not just those muscles. Yoga is a great example of flexibility training.

Good exercise programs often include like-minded people who push you and hold you accountable.
Research shows that many people quit exercising after a few weeks because they feel unmotivated or alone. You should have a mentor or partner to help you stick to a consistent exercise program. A mentor or partner will push you to the limits and hold your hand accountable for your efforts toward achieving your goals. You will find that your mind won\’t look for excuses to skip or lift less when you realize you are expected to show up and perform to your best. You can schedule your workouts in class, rather than trying to fit it into your busy schedule.

What about diet and supplements that are tailored to a workout?
An exercise program should also include a nutrition component. You need to fuel your body with nutrients that will aid muscle recovery. Fatigue and plateauing can be minimized by eating a healthy diet and taking nutritional supplements. You can also reduce the likelihood of injury.

Ok, which exercise program(s), for 2019, is the best?
CrossFit is the best workout for 2019, just like 2018. CrossFit is the best workout for 2019! Why not combine a few programs? The simple answer is that CrossFit encompasses everything we have just discussed. CrossFit is aerobic and anaerobic. CrossFit includes all of the strength training methods and flexibility programs. CrossFit is a group of like-minded people who will push you to your limits. CrossFit is a great way to get your nutrition and diet right. Paleo diets are a staple of CrossFit.

CrossFit is not the only program I recommend. CrossFit has all the elements for a long-term, healthy exercise program.