10 Powerful Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

Most likely, Coronavirus lockdown will make it less motivating to work out at home than to go to the gym. You get distracted at home, people interrupt you, or a TV program takes your attention away. There are also many other distractions.

What do you do?

How can you avoid these interruptions? How can you motivate yourself and your body to exercise correctly and consistently?

It is important to ask yourself the following question: How serious do you want your health and fitness goals to be attained?

It is easy to motivate yourself to exercise. Answer this question. Focused intensity is what you should be doing. Focus your attention on the goal you are trying to reach.

What is the WHY?

What are you looking to achieve in your fitness and health?

Your WHY is the only way to achieve your goal, even if it\’s not possible to work from home.

Your motivation will be determined by how ambitious you are about achieving your goal.

It is this strength that will motivate you to achieve your goals, regardless of setbacks or oppositions.

Staying motivated is no longer a problem!

One of my friends set a goal that he was extremely excited about. He spoke for days about his goal, what it meant to them and how he wanted to reach it in six months.

My friend Bill took me aside a few months later. I could tell he was depressed and feeling miserable. He continued to express his disappointment at not being able to achieve his goal.

\”Goal!\” \”What Goal!\” My honest answer was \”What Goal?\” It was all I remembered. It wasn\’t what Bill wanted.

Bill reminded me that my goal was to have a toned and sculpted beach body. His voice was filled with frustration and a sense of defeat.

\”Oh, that. You thought I was joking. \”We all thought you had changed your mind, since we don’t see you going back to the gym anymore,\” I responded, possibly a bit sarcastically.

What happened? Is Bill losing his drive? Is he still motivated?

Bill was enthusiastic about his new goal to get a toned and firm beach body. He was full of determination and motivation to reach that goal. His last words were \”I will achieve it no matter what,\” which was his final statement to me. Hmmmm.

He went to the gym at least four times a week. He ate his protein shakes and took his supplements. He also asked his personal trainers questions about his training routine and schedule.

He was happy with his progress.

He began to go to the gym twice per week by the end of the third month. Half-way through the third month, it was only once per week.

He couldn\’t figure out why his motivation to exercise and go to the gym had dropped to just once per week halfway through the third month.

\”At the start, I was so full with enthusiasm and motivation. He explained that he felt like nothing could stop him, feeling so confused.

What went wrong? So where did his unstoppable and incredible motivation go?

After careful examination, Bill realized that he had lost his motivation to tone up.

He didn\’t really care about his beach body. He used to laugh at beach-bodies whenever he saw one while on holiday.

This is an interesting point, right? This is where it takes us.

His goal was only a passing wish.

He didn\’t want to tone badly enough. He would not have stopped working out if he was passionate about it.

Bill was torn between 2 thoughts.

The first thought was, \”Yeah I\’d love to have a toned body on the beach.\” His second conflicting thought was, \”Sure, but it\’s possible to get along in your life without it.\” People who have perfect beach bodies are laughable. Do you really want one? \”Come on!\”

Who will win?

His contradictory thought won.

Bill would have liked a toned body but it wasn\’t a goal he set.

The idea of a toned body was just an idea. His once-powerful motivation was gone.

He would have pursued it if he had made it a goal. He would have been motivated regardless of how busy or tired he was to achieve that goal.

It was his goal. Goals are to be achieved.

Passion is the driving force that ignites the desire to achieve all kinds of goals.

Passion is the fuel that keeps you motivated.

Once you know what your passion is, and what WHY you want it to be, motivation to exercise will be a breeze.

You will never lose your determination to persevere despite any setbacks or obstacles.

In this lockdown situation, which we all face, I have listed below 10 powerful ways to motivate yourself to exercise – over time your motivation will increase regardless of distractions.

Motivation is a motivating force that drives you to take consistent daily actions to reach your goals.

Below are the top 10 ways to stay motivated. You just need to change your strategy.

1. 1.Revisit your goals for health and fitness.

You are now in lockdown mode. Simply having a goal does not guarantee you will achieve it. You are too focused on the interruptions to your gym attendance. You become frustrated and ask yourself \”How do I keep motivated with all these interruptions?\” How can I keep motivated while being surrounded with others who work out? You will eventually go in the wrong direction.

We saw this with Bill. You need a clear goal and no conflicts.

It won\’t help to just wish for a certain body.

It won\’t help to simply wish to lose weight.

It won\’t help to just want to run the marathon.

It is more about feeling complete and healthy.

This is a great goal to aim for, at least for the time you are working out at home.

What is your home workout plan? Jumping Jacks and Planks with a stable chair. Tricep Dips You can think about it and create a plan. You don\’t have to make it a set of rules. Instead, you can adjust it over time until you come up with something you love.

There are many distractions at home that you may encounter. You can arrange with your friends and family to have no interruptions during your workout. Respect your workout time.

2. Instead of focusing on the physical aspect of exercise, focus on the emotions involved.

Focusing on the emotions and joy that exercising will bring is a powerful way to keep yourself motivated.

You can endure the discomfort of working out at your home by seeing the end result and remembering why you started working out.

A great way to boost your emotions is to look in the mirror after a workout.

Feel great! This is a great motivator.

3. Reward yourself

Did you ever reward yourself for a good workout when you were working out at the gym? If you didn\’t, you should.

It is important to give yourself a reward after every workout, especially if you work out at home.

Create a list of rewards.

Take time to pamper yourself.

4. Stick with the plan that works best for you

Planning is crucial, as we discussed in step 1. For your fitness success, it is important to stick to the final plan.

If motivation to exercise has dropped, which can sometimes happen, discipline and your big WHY will help.

You can exercise with discipline.

The big WHY should be your powerful motivator. This \”chatter on your shoulders\” will guide you in how to keep your motivation high throughout your workout.

Throughout the lockdown.

5. 5. Quality over Quantity

This is crucial. This is key.

Do not compromise or settle for less.

Don\’t lose what you\’ve already achieved.

You may have to modify your home workout. It may be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise at first. It is possible for your workout to be a little less effective.

Find a way to get as much out of each workout as possible, and then perform each session with complete determination and dedication.

It is all about quality, not quantity.

6. You can set yourself milestones for your home workout

Break down your ultimate goal into smaller, more manageable milestones. This can be done every week if you wish. You can reduce the number of pushups you do at the gym to the 100 you can do at home.

Begin with small steps to learn what you can do and then increase your ability.

You will be motivated.

7. Find a friend to go to the gym with you

It can be difficult to stay motivated every now and again. You might consider getting a buddy to work out with. They will be able to motivate you and help you stay motivated.

It\’s a win-win situation.

8. Music keeps you going

You can enlist another workout buddy if you have trouble finding someone to workout with, or if that person is not available on Facetime.

Music can be a powerful motivator for many people to exercise.

Are you one of them too?

Otherwise, you might consider this method.

It may surprise you how much your favorite music can boost your energy levels and keep you motivated to work out.

Some people find that the music they listen to makes them work out even harder and longer.

9. This is a great distraction that you\’ll enjoy

Here\’s something I think you will enjoy as we wrap up. You can do all or part of your exercise while you watch your favorite TV show.

It will provide a pleasant distraction and take your mind off of the discomforts of working out at the gym.

If your home cardio routine is boring, it could be a great distraction. It will distract you from boredom.

10. Celebrate!

Celebrate your successes. Every workout could be celebrated. Every milestone could be celebrated. Every week of hard work could be celebrated.

You are doing a great job at home and you don\’t have to quit despite the gyms closing.

Make a list of reasons to celebrate and then enjoy each celebration.

That\’s it. These were 10 ways to motivate yourself and how to keep motivated during a workout lockdown.

Let me close with Zig Ziglar\’s quote: Motivation is often short-lived. Bathing is a good way to stay motivated. That\’s why we recommend it every day.